Review of the Contixo Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone w HD Camera

Contixo Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone w HD Camera

A friends birthday was coming up, and he is really just a kid at heart. He loves anything that is fun to use, and when our neighbor got a drone, he was obsessed.

He talked about this drone for weeks, but I wanted to buy myself some time so I could research them and get him a good one. I spent a good chunk of time looking at the different drones and what they had to offer.

I knew that I wanted something that was going to be durable, good for a beginner, but also something that could grow with him. My husband catches onto things pretty quickly, so I knew the drone would be no different.

It needed to be good for both beginners and experts, which I quickly learned what hard to find. I kept on researching until I found what I believe was the perfect drone for him. After using it a few times, he really enjoys it, and there are a lot of different qualities that I was extremely happy about.

Best Features of this Quadcopter Drone

The first thing that sold me on this drone was the fact that it had headless mode. This makes it a lot easier for beginners to learn on, which I knew was an important feature to have. It also has one touch take off and landing.

Since take off and landing is probably the hardest thing to learn on a drone, this one touch was a lifesaver. You also don’t have to worry about losing your drone because with a push of a button it comes back to you.

What is really cool about this drone is that it has a camera. The quality is 720p, and it is really cool to see the picture in real time. You can connect it to your phone and it makes it very easy to use.

What’s Included in the drone package 1 x Contixo F5 Drone 1 x Transmitter 4 x Protection Frame 2 x Landing Gear 1 x 3.7V 600mAh Lithium Polymer Battery 4 x Spare Propeller Blades 12 x Screws 1 x Screwdriver 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Mobile Device Holder 1 x User Manual Pros for the Quadcopter Drone

The flight time on this drone is pretty good. You can fly it for ten minutes, and you can buy another battery if you want longer flight time. The camera is a nice addition, and the drone is made very well. I was shocked at how clear the photos were. The price is  under $300, so it is really a steal of a deal.

Cons for the Quadcopter Drone I only wish it came with a few more extra parts in case my mate ever crashes the thing. Final Verdict on the quadcopter

This drone comes with a manufacture warranty, so I felt safe buying it. Now that we have used it a few times, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. My mate truly loves it. I would highly recommend it.

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