Pro Impact Training Rugby Ball – Size 5 Rugby Training Ball

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DURABLE SURFACE. The Pro Impact Rugby Ball is designed with an outer cover crafted using a combination of synthetic rubber, cotton and polyester materials to provide long-term durability and a steady grip on the ball.

VIGOROUS MATCHES. Designed to deliver consistent grip and constructed with tighter, stronger seams for increased durability, you can head out on the field and engage in lengthy matches and vigorous gameplay over and over again.

Pro Impact Training Rugby Ball

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. A heavy-duty latex bladder on the interior increases the bag’s integrity, preventing loss of air even after being repeatedly tossed and kicked around.

HIGH PERFORMANCE. Built to last using high-quality materials, this rugby ball is designed to maintain shape, air retention and consistent bounce to bring your games to a whole new level.

COLOR OPTIONS. The Pro Impact Match Rugby Ball is available in white and neon colors, both furnished with red and black trim for increased visual appeal. Choose the one that best complements your taste and head out onto the field.

Pro Impact Training Rugby Ball

The Pro Impact Training Rugby Ball is our number one pick for several reasons. It’s a great way to introduce novices to the game by providing them a comfortable and easy-to-use option that allows them to get to grips with how rugby should be played. The durable outer cover is tough and aids with a strong grip, while the high quality materials – despite not living up to more professional models – are still sufficient for using it day in and day out while you perfect your craft.

These features make it the best rugby ball for practice, but it may also be suitable for casually competitive play with your friends and family, too, because that’s how rugby becomes once everyone gets into it. However, it will require frequent inflation to maintain quality performance, so keep a pump handy if you don’t use it for a while. Make sure you also check our guide to the best rugby balls

Pro Impact Training Rugby Ball

  • Durable outer cover ensures durability and strong, steady grip

  • Heavy-duty latex bladder increases bags integrity and reduces loss of air

  • High quality materials suitable for consistent use

  • This Rugby Ball is designed to hold tight spiral and provide consistent bounce


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