Drone for kids,Mini UFO Flying Drone

Drone for kids,Mini UFO Flying Drone

Flying Ball UFO Drone Toys

This toy is like a flying UFO spinner, small and cute, it has a beautiful light with RGB light, the mini drone seems bright and colorful when it flies at night. Not restricted with space and can easily be played indoors or outdoors.

Easy, fun flying spinner boomerang ball

Turn on the network switch and hold the central axis and turn the wheel to start it and then throw it to fly. Different throwing angles and speeds enable different flight routes, tricks and high -speed maneuvers. Light, flexible and contactless flying toys.

lying Spinner UFO Mini drone for Kids,

Good flight time and USB charging function

The Flying Ball integrated battery with quick charging time. This hand-powered drone is supplied with electricity for 20 minutes via a micro USB cable to be fully charged, and a single load offers you to a full 10 minutes. The supplied USB charging cable can go to a network bank, a notebook, a telephone adapter, a car charger, etc.

lying Spinner UFO Mini drone for Kids, lying Spinner UFO Mini drone for Kids,

Safe and anti-drop design

Hover ball for children and the closed bike design protects your hands effectively when turning, protective housing means that it is completely safe to grab your hands. Made from high quality ABS material, light and flexible. Just keep the plane carefully, it can stop turning.

Magic flying fidget spinner have fun at any time

Flying orb ball Mini drone for children (over 9 years) and adults funnier with friends. With the drone you can either play alone, the drone returns to one or you play with several and throw you the drone. Use it at home, school, party or in the office. Children's gifts and funny birthday party activities.



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