Its a Dog from Fisher-Price Bright That Beats Dance and Moves

​A new best friend that baby can dance with – and count on, too!

​Dancing Dog that Meets Dances and Moves BeatBowWow! BeatBo's four-legged companion is one smart puppy, who's always up for learning something new, and moving and grooving, too! Fun head-bobbing and tail-wagging action, lights, sounds and songs encourage and reward baby as they learn and play! More than 25 songs, tunes and phrases like '1, 2, 3 – follow me' and 'When you see blue, shake your head' help introduce your little one to counting and colors, too.​

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBowWow Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBowWow

Dancing Dog and ​See what develops

​The fun music and motions encourage your little wiggle worm to move, shake and dance along, helping to exercise gross motor skills. The colorful lights, dancing motions, music, and variety of textures all help stimulate baby’s senses of sight, hearing and touch. And by pressing the dancing dog paws, baby’s discovering that their actions make fun things happen – a great introduction to cause and effect

Want to play with the dancing dog

​As baby grows, the dancing dog grows and expands the play by using BeatBowWow for counting fun. Ask 'How many paws does he have?' or 'How many stripes are there on his ears?' You can even get silly by asking questions like, 'Do you have stripes on your ears, too?'

Who likes to move? This adorable toy dog does! Get the fun started by pressing the buttons on the paws of BeatBowWow to activate lively songs, lights and dance moves.

Little ones will love watching his head bob side-to-side, his ears wiggle to the beat and his soft tail light up and wag back & forth. He’s so dog-gone cute, your baby can’t help but dance along. And while your wiggle worm is movin’ and groovin’, BeatBowWow is introducing them to colors and counting!

  • Fisher-Price Dancing dog Beats Dance and Moves

  • Large, multi-color LED grid tummy

  • Press the buttons on Beat Bark's paws for lights, Music, action

  • Fun head-bobbin', ear-wigglin' action

  • He's happy to see you - soft tail with LED light wags back and forth


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