The most popular rugby boot on the market - adidas Predator Malice Control

adidas Predator Malice Control

I'm, going to be taking you through the predator malice controls from the Rising Sun pack. I'm going to send these boys off to do a play test. While I talk you through some of the technical features of the boot, just guys, , the predator is the most popular boot on the market and what was seen as a backs and kicking boot.

In the past, it's, now worn by backs and back rows, and sometimes even second rows as seen in the Six Nations and in the Premiership. Now, if you follow me, you ' Ll know that this is my boot of choice and that's, not just because they're comfortable.

It's because well they look so good on pitch and you know what they say. Look good play good. Is that what is that what they say? The boot pays tribute to the up-and-coming World Cup in Japan, hence the Rising Sun.

Now this colorway, for me, is the best colorway they've had in some time you ' Ve got your purple. You've, got your orange and those two colors merge and with all the adidas branding they've gone for the vibrant yellow.


Technical Points to the adidas Predator Malice Control

Now let's get technical because the Preds are so much more than just a good-looking boot. As I've said before the Predators were designed specifically for your kickers, so your Bodom Barrett's, your fin Russell's, your hundred Pollard's, and for that reason it '

S got an asymmetrical lacing system, so it's, just giving you a bigger surface area to kick the ball with, while keeping those laces out of the way. The boot features a layer of raised dots which enhances ball control and the waffle foam on the forefront, offers extra.

Cushioning and grip. Adidas have worked extremely hard in making this a more comfortable boot in recent times, and they have completely succeeded on the inside of the boot. You ' Ve got a sort of soft cushioning that molds to your feet.

From the moment you put that rugby  boot on now, if you want a fan of the previouse tongue being stitched in there not worry. Adidas have listened to your feedback. As you can see, on the Rising Sun colorway, we '


Ve got a free-flowing tongue, giving you no restrictions underneath the Preds. Once again, you've got this sprint frame, which is why it's such a firm favorite. Amongst your back rowers, while you're slightly, heavier A are great for scrubbing.

These will get you to their breakdown that's second, quicker, without taking anything away from the side of the scrum. If you're wondering what back row is I'm on about, then you don't have to look past young stars like Tom, curry and Zack Mercer, who are both doing their thing and a pair of these back To the soleplate, and underneath you've got your six removable metal studs, as well as your five plastic studs, those just giving you extra traction when you're stepping at pace, as you can tell, and like most rugby fans, I'm, a massive fan of the pred and, in my opinion, added s of killing the rugby Morgan and the predator malice control is a big reason for that any game you play it doesn't matter.

What level you play it. You are bound to see a pair of these so yeah that's me, I'm, a big fan, but what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below and thank you so much for

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