Nerf Super Soaker : Breach Water Blaster

Nerf Super Soaker is the leader in innovative water-blasting fun since 1989, the Nerf Super Soaker brand continues to be the brand of choice for action packed water-blasting mayhem! Kids of all ages can get together and head outdoors for extreme soakage with Nerf Super Soaker, the authentic brand of water blasters.

Take the pump-action Super Soaker Breach Blast water blaster into battle and spray away with a huge 1.4 liters tank! Battle Longer - Stay in the action with the Nerf Breach Blast Water Blaster and its impressive 50 ounce (1.4 liters) capacity. Unleash a cyclone of water blasting power that will leave targets massively drenched.

NerfBreach BlastWater Blaster

The Breach Blast gives an awesome tactical advantage with massive drenching power and a huge capacity for a rain storm of soak. Deliver a massive whirlwind of wetness with this water blaster, and get the competitive edge for total drench domination. Leave all opponents super soaked!

Long Range Soaking - A Super Soaker water blaster capable of drenching moving targets from a considerable distance is crucial when engaging in water blasting action.

The Nerf Breach Blast wreaks havoc with an impressive blast distance! Utilizing pump action fire, douse targets up to 11.5 meters away with a steady stream of soakage! This water blaster packs a punch that drenches with finesse. Wash away the competition with the Nerf Breach Blast and leave them running for dry land!

On the Go Action - The key to victory in any water blaster battle is keep moving! Let the action go for hours with the Nerf Breach Blast and let the fun keep flooding in. With a hefty tank and impressive range, this Super Soaker Breach Blast water blaster is the key to victory.

  • Water blasting action
  • 1.4 Litre tank gives a competitive edge over your rivals
  • Drench opponents up to 11.5 metres away
  • Spray away with pump action soaking
  • Includes : Super Soaker Breach Blast water blaster
  • Ideal for: Birthday presents, kids parties, holiday entertainment, camping, gifts, nerf tournaments, team battles, outdoor games
Nerf Super Soaker : Breach Water BlasterNerfBreach BlastWater Blaster


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