LEGO Building and Construction Toy, Friends Main Street Building​ Kit

LEGO Building and Construction Toy,

Friends Main Street Building​ Kit

Its all about Lego Building Kits - and Kids will love hanging out in the heart of the community with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Main Street Building (41704) set. It comprises 3 buildings that join to become a dolls house in a neighbourhood block with apartments, with toy shops like a toy grocery store.

There’s a LEGO building kits for Friends Hair Salon with a hairdresser mini doll, an international food market, and a LEGO Friends book cafe. As each element is modular creative kids will love configuring the buildings however they choose! It comes with 7 mini dolls, 1 micro doll and 4 animal figures so imaginative roleplay possibilities are endless.

lego kids building sets Lego Kids Building Sets 

Kids can get a makeover from Trevor in the salon, hang out in Dottie’s apartment, pull some skateboarding tricks with Stephanie or hold the door for Harper as she wheels her wheelchair into the cafe.

This extensive, 1,682-piece set offers the chance for the whole family to join in the construction fun to produce a model that you can display with pride in any bedroom. Introduce little builders to the welcoming community of LEGO Friends, where every kid will feel right at home.

LEGO building kit Friends creative toys for kids make a great birthday present or just-because gift for girls & boys who love hanging out with their buddies.

About this Lego Building Kits

  • Endless imaginative play – With its totally flexible modular buildings and 8 character line-up, LEGO Building Sets Friends Main Street Building (41704) set gives creative kids limitless imaginative shop play
  • The neighbourhood where everyone is welcome – Comes with a total of 8 characters and 4 animal figures, and a moving truck so kids can roleplay welcoming a new family to the community
  • Hours of creative fun – LEGO Friends fans can shop in the grocery store toy, visit the salon for a makeover, working at a home office or hang out with friends at the skate park
  • A different look every day – Thanks to this LEGO Friends shop set’s modular buildings, the friendship play never gets tired as kids endlessly arrange and rearrange the street
  • Fun gift ideas for kids 8 and up – This versatile playset is an imaginative birthday gift for LEGO Friends fans, as well as kids who love pretend stores and customizing their toys
  • LEGO Building and Construction Toy, Friends Main Street Building​ Kit


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