XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit, Includes Agility Ladder & Resistance Parachute

XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit

XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit-Includes Agility Ladder

High Quality Agility Ladder Set;

This sports training set includes an agility ladder, 5 round training cones, 1 resistance parachute, 4 metal stakes and a drawstring bag. parachute for speed training,parachute set,skills ladder set,speed bag,sports ladders。for Sports Agility Ladders , track and field training equipment

12 Adjustable Ladders;

Distance between rungs can be adjusted to fit your training scenario. Use the included steel stakes to keep it in place. Cones can be placed in a wide variety of patterns. Mix it up to keep workouts fun.

Stability & Safety;

The agility ladder features a durable nylon webbing that is soft and durable and does not easily move and break during use. Bright colors, can be used in fog or cloudy days, high recognition.

Portable & Easy to Use;

Take your ladder/cone compact carrying bag with you and pack it up in just seconds - good for indoors and outdoors.Simple to use,simply unravel the straps, adjust the ladder rungs, take out the cones ready to use.

Better Athletic Performance;

Ideal for athletic training, football, basketball drills, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, badminton, rugby to increase acceleration, leg strength, and speed, core skills, balance, rhythm, and body control.

Our sports agility ladder set making it the perfect choice for those seeking to
increase their speed, strength, and agility.

XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit-Includes Agility Ladder

1 X Agility Ladder
1 X Carry Bag
4 X Metal Stake
1 X Resistance Parachute
5 X Round Training Cone



- 20 ft speed and agility ladder
- High functioning webbing that makes it easy to work on any surface
- 12 adjustable rungs, allowing you to customize your workout
- 4 ground stakes included for that extra level of grounded durability

XINXIANG Speed Agility Training Kit-Includes Agility Ladder
Resistance  parachute to improve first step quickness, top end speed, and explosive power
- 54-inch parachute creates 20-35 pounds of resistance
- Adjust belt up to 42-inch waist
- O ring rotates 45 degrees
- Internal mesh keeps chute tangle free

5 premium quality cones. Useful for any training session
- 2 inches tall
- Comes with organizing loop
- Diameter of 7.25 inches


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