Review of the HolyStone HS720E 4K EIS Drone

HolyStone Drone with Anti-Shake Camera

This camera drone features an EIS system, the electric anti-shake technology, can effectively improve the stability of recording. This 4K UHD camera can shoot conspicuous and vivid picture quality. The HS720E brings creators a better sense effect of sight, everyone can record their bright moments.

This drone camera features an EIS system that can instantly compensate the image shift when it detects the degree of camera shake and eliminate ripple distortion. Get stable and smooth video just by flying easily.

With the 5G Transmission, the beautiful view can show on the APP in real-time . The beautiful landscape up to 500 meters away is in your hands. A dedicated remote controller provides flight distance even 999 meters.


Special Features are available with this drone it has :

Follow Me:  You can Let this camera drone follow your steps just tap “follow me” mode in APP, it is very suitable for running or cycling, any individual sport

Tap and Fly : The HS720E can auto fly in a preset route without controlling, just tap some points on the map shown in the screen, or draw a shape and the drone will comply

Points of Interest: For an all surround shooting as a movie, just set the radius and the camera drone will automatically complete the circular flight.

Return to Home:Whenever you want, the drone can return to your side by tapping "Return to Home" key. For safety, when it is in low-power or lost remote controller signal, it will also return automatically.

Headless Mode : Don't worry about how to judge the direction, under the Headless Mode, no matter where the nose is facing, it always defaults to the front of the drone when it takes off.

Design of the Drone: This drone has a a Folding and Portable design , it has metallurgical gear shaft, high precision steel body, even after thousands of times with you folding the drone to pack it away it will still present perfect user experience. The military-grade battery is the same quality as the tank backup battery, safe and durable, and lasts for a long time.


About the Holystone Camera Drone

4K FOV 130° Camera with Electric Image Stabilization|Altitude Hold|GPS Position System Brushless Motor LCD Screen|5G 4K Wi-Fi adjustable Camera by Transmitter|One-key Take Off/Landing Emergency Stop|Speed Switching|Two-Way Low Power Alarm Lighting Control (by Transmitter)|Return to Home Function (GPS) (Low Voltage/Failsafe/Smart RTH) Follow Me Mode(GPS) Point of Interest/TapFly|Set Flight Altitude/Distance/ circles radius Return to Home Function (GPS) (Low Voltage/Failsafe/Smart RTH)|5G 4K Wi-Fi adjustable Camera (by Transmitter


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