So, what kind of coffee machine do you need?

Automatic? Manual? What are we talking about? Before you go out buying a coffee machine, there are a few things you need to know. 
There are three general types of espresso machines on the market:

These have made quite an impact on the coffee machine market in the last few years, and now make up the bulk of espresso machines we buy in Australia.

Pods are discs of coffee compressed between two layers of filter paper. Some machines can cater for both pods and ground coffee by providing a separate filter basket and possibly a different shower head for each.

Capsules are the size and shape of a single-serve UHT milk holder. They're not compressed like pods but rather hermetically sealed, giving them the added advantage of staying fresh for about nine months. 

How they work

A pod or capsule of coffee is inserted into the machine, it then pierces the capsule to allow hot water to flow through and the shot is poured.
  • The machines are very simple and convenient to use.
  • There are many flavours of coffee available.
  • They require very little cleaning up.
  • Enthusiasts may find coffees from these machines lack depth or intensity of flavour.
  • The used capsules can be recycled, but usually end up in landfill, which is very wasteful of the aluminium and other material that goes into making them.
They range in price from $99 to $500.


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